Laser Acceleration of Ions and Applications (LAIA)


Proton and ion acceleration in ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions is a very active research field with strong European contributions. With its high acceleration gradients, producing multi-MeV particles on micrometer lengths, the underlying processes are considered a key technology for future accelerators at all energy scales. Since 2012, I3M has participated in the setup of the first laser-proton experiments in Spain, in collaboration with other research institutes as well as private companies. We have developed and tested several kinds of particle detectors for the spectral characterisation of protons and ions. From 2015-2017, several series of proton acceleration experiments have been successfully accomplished with a 3 TW, 50 fs table-top laser. The group is now contributing to fundamental research at the L2A2 laboratory (Santiago de Compostela) aiming at biomedical applications of laser-accelerated ions.

In parallel, our group is involved in the development of particle detector applications for medical imaging and for research in hadron therapy. Short-term projects have been run with public and private partners on the national and European level.


    • Michael Seimetz, PhD, Group leader. Contact:
    • José María Benlloch, PhD, Prof.
    • Alicia Reija Vecino
    • Francisco Barranco Blázquez
    • Jessica Juan Morales
    • David Esteban Blasco (JAE Intro 2022 grant)

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