X-ray Imaging Laboratory


The  X-ray Imaging Laboratory is an emerging research group (2023) dedicated to exploring and developing innovations in the field of x-rays imaging, with a particular focus on transmission imaging, dual-energy systems, and phase contrast. The goals of our research is to provide innovative solutions to the current limitations in several fields, from medical and veterinary imaging to the industrial applications.

Highlighted Research Areas:

Dual-Energy Systems: We are developing state-of-the-art dual-energy systems that allow for precise discrimination of different materials and components in complex samples. This has significant applications in industry, security, and medicine, enhancing the quality of diagnostics and materials analysis.

Phase Contrast: Our group focuses on researching and applying phase-contrast techniques that go beyond the capabilities of conventional radiography. These techniques improve the visibility of edges and details in samples with small density differences, which is essential for materials science research and early disease detection.

Collaborations: We collaborate closely with academic institutions and companies in the medical technology sector to ensure that our research has practical and beneficial impacts on society. This network of collaborations enables us to access advanced facilities and clinical/veterinary data, enhancing our research capabilities.

Team members:

  • Laura Moliner,  PhD. Group Leader
  • José M Benlloch, PhD. I3M director
  • Noriel Pavón, PhD, PosDoc
  • Alejandro Lucero, PhD student
  • Carlos Correcher, PhD student

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