Medical Imaging Reconstruction Group (MIRG)


The priority activity of this group is the research of new techniques of image reconstruction for applications in the biomedical field, but also covers other areas such as detection of contaminants in food processing.This team is involved on the development of novel software algorithms for in vivo imaging of molecular signatures of diseases in humans and small laboratory animals. Our main interest is focused on design and development of new algorithms for medical imaging. That covers computerized tomography (CT), radiation emissions in the form of annihilation of positrons (Positron Emission Tomography, PET), single emitted gamma rays, both in Tomography (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, SPECT) and pattern classification

The goals of our research are to design software beyond the current state-of-the–art, in terms of sensitivity, spatial, energy, and temporal resolutions. The algorithms developed by our group aim to provide the best achievable image quality with the available data in the most efficient way in terms of computing time and quantitative accuracy.


  • María José Rodríguez Alvarez, PhD, Prof, Group leader
  • José M. Benlloch, PhD, Prof.
  • Laura Moliner Martínez, PhD, PosDoc
  • Juan Manuel Alvarez Gómez, PhD student
  • Francisco Brandan García Aparisi, PhD student
  • Darwin Patricio Castillo Malla, PhD student
  • Yuliana Jiménez Gaona, PhD student
  • Cintia Cecilia Mechón, Physicis
  • Pablo Mesas Lafarga, Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Joan Prats Climent, PhD Student
  • Juan Carlos Valderas Rosón, technical support

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