Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory (MRILab)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) capitalizes on the quantum properties of matter to emerge as the most versatile medical imaging technique available to date, making it possible to image tissues deep and superficial, soft and hard. The vast number of protons in the human body contribute to high quality images, both in terms of spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. Combined with the possibility of manipulating and detecting the magnetization of protons with electromagnetic radiation in the radio-frequency range of the spectrum, this qualifies MRI as the only medical imaging technique enabling access to deep tissues, in vivo and with high resolution, while avoiding harmful ionizing radiation.

MRI finds use also beyond human and veterinary medicine or biology, and is employed for industrial, engineering and pharmaceutical applications with materials and inanimate objects to study their internal properties or observe their behavior when subject to variable environmental parameters.

Who are we?

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory (MRILab) at i3M in Valencia blends quantum and biomedical physicists and engineers. We build unique scanners and techniques with the goal of pushing the limits of MR Imaging in terms of accessibility and application niches. One of our strengths lies on the ability to advance the capabilities of current technologies by combining deep, abstract knowledge about fundamental scientific mechanisms with a good overview of existing, down-to-earth technical possibilities. Two major feats achieved by the group are: i) the first affordable MRI technology for combined visualization of hard and soft biological tissues and ii) the first truly portable MRI scanner.

Relevant Publications

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