Relevant Publications (UMIL)

Peer-reviewed publications

Spatial resolution and reconstructed size accuracy using advanced beamformers in linear array-based PAT systems
Irene Pi-Martín, Alejandro Cebrecos, Juan José García-Garrigós, Noé Jiménez, Francisco Camarena
Photoacoustics, 34, 100576 (2023)

A fiber-coupled laser diode design for reflection mode optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy
Juan José García-Garrigós, Alejandro Cebrecos, Javier A. Navarro-Calvo, Francisco Camarena
Ultrasonics, 132, 107008 (2023)

Methods to design and evaluate transcranial ultrasonic lenses using acoustic holography
D Andrés, A Carrión, F Camarena, N Jiménez
Phys. Rev. Applied 20(4), pp.044071 (2023)

Emerging topics in nanophononics and elastic, acoustic, and mechanical metamaterials: an overview
AO Krushynska, (…), N Jiménez, et al.
Nanophotonics, 12 (4), pp. 659-686, (2023)

Imagen fotoacústica empleando nanopartículas de redes orgánicas covalentes (nCOFs) como agente de contraste.
Irene Pi Martín, Carla María Vidaurre Agut, Alejandro Cebrecos Ruiz, J.J. García Garrigós, Noé Jiménez, Pablo Botella Asución, Francisco Camarena.
Revista de Acústica 54(3 y 4), 28-33 (2023). ISSN-e 0210-3680

Midiendo la elasticidad de tejidos biológicos empleando ultrasonidos.
Enrique González Mateo, Josep Rodríguez Sendra, Francisco Camarena, Noé Jiménez.
Revista de Acústica 54(3 y 4), 12-19 (2023). ISSN-e 0210-3680

Holographic Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia System for Uniform Simultaneous Thermal Exposure of Multiple Tumor Spheroids
D Andrés, I Rivens, P Mouratidis, N Jiménez, F Camarena, GT Haar
Cancers, 15 (9), pp. 2540, (2023)

Numerical study of acoustic holograms for deep-brain targeting through the temporal-bone window
D Andrés, N Jiménez, JM Benlloch, F Camarena
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 48 (5), pp. 872–886, (2022)

Thermal holographic patterns for ultrasound hyperthermia
D Andrés, J Vappou, N Jiménez, F Camarena
Applied Physics Letters,120 (8), pp. 084102, (2022)

Acoustic holograms for bilateral blood-brain barrier opening in a mouse model
S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, AN Pouliopoulos, JM Benlloch, EE Konofagou, F Camarena
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 69 (4), pp. 1359 – 1368, (2022)

Optical drills by dynamic high-order Bessel beam mixing
G Kontenis, D Gailevicius, N Jimenéz, K Staliunas
Physical Review Applied, 17 (3), pp. 034059, (2022)

Evaluación del rendimiento de algoritmos de reconstrucción de imágenes para tomografía fotoacústica
I Pi-Martín, JJ García-Garrigós, A Cebrecos, N Jiménez, F Camarena
Revista de Acústica, 53 (1-2), pp. 17-25, (2022)

Modelling the acoustic field generated by vibrating surfaces
D Andrés, F Camarena, N Jiménez
Modelling in Science Education and Learning, 15 (2), pp. 5-23, (2022)

Hologramas acústicos multifocales para la focalización de ultrasonidos en estructuras cerebrales profundas
D Andrés, S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, F Camarena
Revista de Acústica, 52 (1-2), pp. 17-25, (2021)

Characterization of viscoelastic media combining ultrasound and magnetic-force induced vibrations on an embedded soft magnetic sphere
A Cebrecos, N Jiménez, R Tarazona, M Company, JM Benlloch, F Camarena
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 68 (12), pp. 3540 – 3548, (2021)

Sub-wavelength acoustical vortex beams using self-demodulation
N Jiménez, J Ealo, RD Muelas-Hurtado, A Duclos, V Romero-García
Physical Review Applied, 15 (5), pp. 054027, (2021)

Ultrasonic monitoring of dentin demineralization
J Rodríguez-Sendra, I Torres, N Jiménez, S Sauro, F Camarena
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 68 (3), pp. 570-578, (2021)

Beamforming for large-area scan and improved SNR in array-based photoacoustic microscopy
A Cebrecos, JJ García-Garrigós, A Descals, N Jiménez, JM Benlloch, F Camarena
Ultrasonics, 111, pp. 106317, (2020)

Transcranial focusing of ultrasonic vortices by acoustic holograms
S Jiménez, N Jiménez, F Camarena
Physical Review Applied, 14 (5), pp. 054070, (2020)

Generating Bessel beams with broad depth-of-field by using phase-only acoustic holograms
S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, JM Benlloch, F Camarena
Scientific Reports, 9 (1), pp. 20104, (2019)

On the Evaluation of the Suitability of the Materials Used to 3D Print Holographic Acoustic Lenses to Correct Transcranial Focused Ultrasound Aberrations
M Ferri, JM Bravo, J Redondo, S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, F Camarena, JV Sánchez-Pérez
Polymers, 11 (9), pp. 1521, (2019)

Holograms to focus arbitrary ultrasonic fields through the skull
S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, JM Benlloch, F Camarena
Physical Review Applied, 12 (1), pp. 014016, (2019)

Monitoring the setting of calcium sulphate bone-graft substitute using ultrasonic backscattering
J Rodríguez-Sendra, N Jiménez, R Picó, J Faus, F Camarena
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, 66 (10), pp. 1658-1666, (2019)

Efecto del método de definición de las propiedades acústicas de cráneo humano en la propagación focalizada de ultrasonidos
S Jiménez-Gambín, N Jiménez, F Camarena
Revista de Acústica, 50 (1-2), pp. 22-25, (2019)

Modelización de cerámicas y transductores piezoeléctricos vibrando en espesor mediante matrices de transferencia
N Jiménez, F Camarena
Modelling in Science Education and Learning, 12 (1), pp. 87-109, (2019)

Sharp acoustic vortex focusing by Fresnel-spiral zone plates
N Jiménez, V Romero-García, LM García-Raffi, F Camarena, K Staliunas
Applied Physics Letters, 112 (20), pp. 204101, (2018)

Design and performance of a metal-shielded piezoelectric sensor.
Á Sáenz de Inestrillas, F Camarena, M Bou-Cabo, J Barreiro, A Reig.
Sensors, 17(6), 1284 (2017).

Dynamic Nonlinear Focal Shift in Amplitude Modulated Moderately Focused Acoustic Beams
N Jiménez, F Camarena, N González-Salido
Ultrasonics, 75, pp. 106-114, (2017)

Formation of high-order acoustic Bessel beams by spiral diffraction gratings
N Jiménez, R Picó, V Sánchez-Morcillo, V Romero-García, L García-Raffi, K Staliunas
Physical Review E, 94 (5), pp. 053004, (2016)

Time-Domain Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation in a Tissue-Like Medium Based on the Resolution of the Nonlinear Acoustic Constitutive Relations
N Jiménez, F Camarena, J Redondo, V Sánchez-Morcillo, Y Hou, EE Konofagou
Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 102 (5), pp. 876–892, (2016)

Radiation-force-based estimation of acoustic attenuation using harmonic motion imaging (HMI) in phantoms and in vitro livers before and after HIFU ablation
J Chen, GY Hou, F Marquet, Y Han, F Camarena, EE Konofagou
Physics in Medicine and Biology (6) 7499–7512 (2015)

Nonlinear focal shift beyond the geometrical focus in moderately focused acoustic beams
F Camarena, S Adrián-Martinez, N Jiménez, V Sánchez-Morcillo
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134 (2), pp. 1463-1472, (2013)

Explicit finite-difference time-domain scheme for the simulation of 1-3 piezoelectric effect in axisymmetrical configurations
M Ferri, F Camarena, J Redondo, R Picó, M R Avis
Wave Motion, 6 (49), 569 – 584 (2012)

PhD thesis

Josep Rodríguez-Sendra, Monitorización Ultrasónica de Tejidos Odontológicos, Universitat Politècnica València, September 2021.

Sergio Jiménez-Gambín, Transcranial Ultrasound Holograms for the Blood-Brain Barrier Opening, Universitat Politècnica València, June 2021.

Noé Jiménez, Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Complex Media, Universitat Politècnica València, June 2015.

Ongoing PhD thesis:

  1. Diana Andrés, Ultrasound holograms for the treatment of neurological diseases.
  2. Nathalie Lamothe, Towards quantitative cavitation mapping for transcranial ultrasound holographic therapy.
  3. José M. Requena-Plens, Acoustic metamateriales for biomedical ultrasound applications.
  4. Enrique González-Mateo, Acoustic vortices for biomedical ultrasound applications.
  5. Irene Pi-Martín, Photoacoustic Imaging studies with innovative biocompatible nanoparticles.
  6. Javier A. Navarro-Calvo, “Photoacoustic technology for non-invasive imaging of dermatological diseases”
  7. Marta Castillo Ortiz “Marco metodológico para la monitorización online de la dosis-respuesta en la apertura de la barrera hematoencefálica mediante ultrasonido focal (DREAM-ON-FUS)”
  8. Alba Eroles-Simó “Low-cost magnetic resonance-guided holographic ultrasound for brain therapy”

Books & Chapters:

Acoustic Waves in Periodic Structures, Metamaterials, and Porous Media
N Jiménez, O Umnova, J Groby

Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, (2021)
Abstract – This book delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of practical applications of metamaterials, structured media, and conventional porous materials. With increasing levels of urbanization, a growing demand for motorized transport, and inefficient urban planning, environmental noise exposure is rapidly becoming a pressing societal and health concern. Phononic and sonic crystals, acoustic metamaterials, and metasurfaces can revolutionize noise and vibration control and, in many cases, replace traditional porous materials for these applications. In this collection of contributed chapters, a group of international researchers reviews the essentials of acoustic wave propagation in metamaterials and porous absorbers with viscothermal losses, as well as the most recent advances in the design of acoustic metamaterial absorbers. The book features a detailed theoretical introduction describing commonly used modelling techniques such as plane wave expansion, multiple scattering theory, and the transfer matrix method. The following chapters give a detailed consideration of acoustic wave propagation in viscothermal fluids and porous media, and the extension of this theory to non-local models for fluid saturated metamaterials, along with a description of the relevant numerical methods. Finally, the book reviews a range of practical industrial applications, making it especially attractive as a white book targeted at the building, automotive, and aeronautic industries.pdf / url / doi / abstract / bibTex

ISBN: 978-3-030-84299-4

The Transfer Matrix Method in Acoustics
N Jiménez, J Groby, V Romero-García

Chapter in: Acoustic Waves in Periodic Structures, Metamaterials, and Porous Media: From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications, pp. 103 – 164
Editors: N Jiménez, O Umnova, J Groby
Springer, Cham, Switzerland, (2021)
Abstract – The transfer matrix method is a simple but powerful analytical tool used to model acoustic wave propagation in a wide range of one-dimensional problems. In this chapter, we present the method and summarize the most common building blocks encountered in one-dimensional acoustic systems. These include layers of fluids and porous media, ducts and waveguides of different geometries where thermoviscous losses can be accounted for, locally reacting elements such as Helmholtz or quarter-wavelength resonators, viscoelastic plates and membranes, micro-perforated panels or vibrating walls. Several examples are provided, including a multi-layered porous structure for room acoustics, the transmission problem of a double-leaf wall for building acoustics, and the analysis of the dispersion relations of acoustic waves in periodic media and metamaterials using locally resonant elements. Various one-dimensional wave-motion phenomena can be studied using the generalized framework provided by the transfer matrix method such as reflection, transmission, absorption, attenuation and dispersion, as illustrated in the examples.pdf / url / doi / abstract / bibTex

ISBN: 978-3-030-84299-4

Acoustic Metamaterial Absorbers
J Groby, N Jiménez, V Romero-García

Chapter in: Acoustic Waves in Periodic Structures, Metamaterials, and Porous Media: From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications, pp. 167 – 204
Editors: N Jiménez, O Umnova, J Groby
Springer, Cham, Switzerland, (2021)
Abstract – Porous and fibrous materials provide effective and broadband acoustic absorption at mid/high audible frequencies. However, these traditional treatments result in thick and heavy layers when designed for low frequency audible sound. To overcome these limitations, in the recent years metamaterials have been proposed as an alternative to design sub-wavelength and efficient absorbing structures. In the current chapter, we review the recent advances in metamaterial absorbers and their underlying physics based on the analysis of the scattering matrix. Particularly, we exploit the physical interpretation of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the scattering matrix in the complex frequency plane to design efficient absorbers. We start by the discussion of the reflection problem, where these eigenvalues and eigenvectors collapse to the reflection coefficient. We state the conditions to design efficient and perfect metamaterial absorbers. Then, we increase the complexity of the scattering considering the transmission problem, where additional conditions are needed for designing perfect absorbers. Through this chapter we discuss different acoustic metamaterials based on metaporous absorbers, arrays of Helmholtz resonators and air cavities, as well as membrane and elastic-plate resonators.pdf / url / doi / abstract / bibTex

ISBN: 978-3-030-84299-4


Noé Jiménez. Materials for Acoustic Wave Generation and Modulation. Chapter in: Acoustic Technologies in Biology and Medicine, pp. 317-331. Editors: A Ozcelik, R Becker, TJ Huang. Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim, Germany, (2023)

ISBN: 978-3527350629

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